The village of Lobeč was the work place of writer Eduard Štorch, one of the discoverers of the local archeological finds. The writer is buried in the local cemetery, and the village established a museum in his honor in 2010. It is located in the interiors of the former Lobec municipal school.

The Lobeč Museum is the first one in the Czech Republic that joined the prestigious Museos Vivos project. The museum is fitted with modern technology with the financial support of the European Union.

The museum’s exposition is followed by a thematic educational trail of Eduard Štorch, which guides visitors through places connected with the novel Minehava, but it also presents 1:1 replicas of some of Štorch’s teaching methods.


The exhibition is dedicated to one of the most important inhabitants of the village, Eduard Štorch, who is well known as a writer of historical novels from the prehistoric period.

However, Štorch was a multilayered personality. The exhibition in the first room therefore gradually introduces him as a progressive teacher and an education innovator, a researcher, an amateur archaeologist, a writer, and a rebel. Besides period photographs, there can also be seen authentic personal objects, examples of correspondence and notes, a gallery of illustrations from novels and textbooks, teaching aids and a library with many books.

The second part of the exhibition refers to Štorch’s probably most famous work Mammoth Hunters and his last novel Minehava, which takes place in Lobeč. It contains a number of archaeological exhibits, some findings are even local.

Dioramas of prehistoric people’s dwellings or mammoth hunting are intended for all visitors not only for children.

Museum Eduarda Štorcha
Lobeč 43
277 36 Lobeč (Czech Republic)

+420 607 630 807

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The tour can be booked through the Museos Vivos system  www.museosvivos.com